Student Sections Committee

Welcome to the mailing list!  

This list is for members of the Student Sections Committee; interested observers may be added with the permission of the Chair.  This list is *only* for official committee business.  We are treating the list kind of like a rolling virtual committee meeting; items may be raised and voted on and discussed.

This list currently contains email addresses for all the committee members: all appointed members; the chair of the Education and Training Division; the current Student Member of the Board of Directors; the current chair of the Student Conference; and the president of each Student Section.  If you are in any of these categories you are a voting member of the Committee.

It also contains email addresses for interested observers and people who want to volunteer with the committee but aren't officially on it.  Observers and volunteers are welcome to participate in list discussions; however please specify that you are an observer so we do not accidentally count your opinion as a motion or vote.

The list administrator is This email address will always belong to the current Chair of the Student Sections committee.  The person at the end of this email address can fix anything that goes wrong with the lists and can probably answer any of your questions about the SSC.

***If you think you are on the wrong list(s), or you need to change the email address you are subscribed with, or you know someone who should be getting these emails and is not, or you are no longer the president of your student section, email***

To contact the list owners, use the following email address:

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